What is a Mini Session?

I’m one of the many photographers who offer mini sessions every spring and fall.

What exactly is a mini session? What is the difference between a regular and a mini session? And which kind of session is the right one for your family?

Every photographer’s mini sessions are a little bit different, but most of them have a few things in common.

It’s important to know that a mini session is not a regular session packed into a shorter slot.

The most obvious difference is that whereas with a regular session you, the client, calls the shots when it comes to time and place (with guidance from your photographer), a mini session takes place at a place predetermined by your photographer on a date also determined by the photographer. Typically, a photographer will book a number of clients back to back on the same day, at the same location. A mini session is also much shorter in duration than a regular session, and results in fewer images.

What does that mean for you?

Most importantly, it means that a mini session costs significantly less than a full session. It is a great opportunity to book a photographer whose style you love, but who is normally out of your budget.

Photo mini sessions are great if you:

  • have a child that will ham it up for the camera, but gets impatient after 20 minutes
  • have kids who warm up to strangers (your photographer) really quick
  • are parents who do not get stressed out by family photo sessions
  • are punctual
  • have family pictures taken on a regular basis and the kids have not changed much since the last time

I am going to get my Northern Virginia spring minis on my schedule soon and hope to see you there!


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