To the mommies of littles (and daddies too) | Family Photography

Recently someone asked me why families would opt for an in home lifestyle session opposed to a more posed session in a park. In short, my answer is that usually it is easier to capture a family’s dynamic and personality when the kids are on their home turf. But there is a longer answer to this question, and it is coming from me as a mom, not me as a photographer.

I thought it would last forever. 

Of course, intellectually I understood that everyone gets older, including my children, but obviously excluding myself. Yet I couldn’t quite imagine a world that didn’t consist of Play-Doh and dress up, of big messes and little ones, of “MOMMY, come help me” and a child grabbing my hand. I thought it would last forever. The sheer exhaustion, the temper tantrums, but also the sweet kisses and “I love you’s”. This was my world.

There is this saying, which I quote quite often: “The days are long, but the years are short.”

My children are growing, and the worries are different. I’m still tired, but it is starting to be a different kind of tired. I am realizing my boys are changing, and I am grasping on to every last bit of little kid that I can. I am saying yes more, because soon they’ll be off with their friends, not me. Now that little kid-hood is almost behind me, I wish I had treasured it more. I thought it would last forever. I am not quite ready for what is coming next, but I guess my two guys are.

Mommies, and daddies, your littles are growing. Whatever season of life you are in now may feel like it is lasting forever, but you know one morning you will wake up and it will be gone. Something new will take its place, and will be just as hard and just as sweet, and when it passes, you will miss it too.

I love in home lifestyle sessions because they capture your family the way you are right now, a way that you will never be again. It is not about your beautiful smiling faces, nor your carefully selected clothes, rather it is about showing who you are to each other.

A lifestyle session is about playing on the floor and eating snacks, it is about swinging high, and playing catch. It is about being together and creating a lasting legacy of images that will be treasured by you, your kids and, one day, your grandkids. There is something beautiful and special in preserving memories that seem mundane in the moment, but really are what make up your life.

I would love to help you create images that document your life. Contact me to discuss your in home session.





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