Meet Me

Hi, I am so glad you found me. I am Sandra, and I am the photographer behind Three Continents Photography. 

Photography isn’t my first career. It’s not even my second or third. But it is the one that I truly love. I wish I had been brave enough to do this earlier in life, but then again, I think that everything else has made me into who I am, not just as a person, but also as an artist and photographer.

I have two goals for every session. My very first goal for any picture I make is to evoke emotions. The biggest compliment I get from clients is that their images make them cry and smile at the same time.

My second goal is to capture people as true to their personality as possible. At one of my family sessions, please let your wild child run free and your shy child peek out from behind you. If your messy child ends up with dirty knees 10 minutes into the photo shoot, so be it. While there will be a few poses, our session will be mostly child led. The pictures resulting from your session will be as unique as you are as a family. Our session is about documenting who you are. I want to go beyond fake smiles and pretty clothes, and capture what makes you YOU.

Your images will reflect who you are as a family and your special relationship with your children. They will be a timeless treasure for you and your kids to have as they grow up.

You will receive archival quality prints to keep in your family for generations, as well as the corresponding digital files.

I look forward to hearing from you so we can start planning our session together! Thank you for choosing me to tell your story.




My work has been featured by The Huffington Post, Adoptive Families Magazine, Basic Invite, and Adorama.



And because it’s a thing, here are some random facts about me.

  1. My family has found its way together from three continents.
  2. Wandering around lost in a foreign place makes me happy.
  3. I love airports and airplanes, but hate flying.
  4. The food I find myself craving often includes Wiener Schnitzel, Galbi, and Hong Kong egg tarts.
  5. My only German trait is that I am always punctual.
  6. I still listen to 80’s and 90’s music and also really love the Beatles.
  7. I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I get to have a job that I love.




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